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Mark's All In The Family/Archie Bunker's Place Fan Page


Original Air Date:
January 12, 1971 to April 8, 1979
Network: CBS Sitcom

Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker   
Jean Stapleton As Edith Bunker
Sally Struthers as Gloria Bunker Stivic
Rob Reiner as Mike"The Meathead" Stivic
Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson 
Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson
Mel Stewart as Henry Jefferson
Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson
Betty Garrett as Elane Lorenzo 
Vincent Gardenia as Frank Lorenzo
Beatrice Arthur as Maude Findlay
Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner    
Liz Torres as Teresa Betancourt
Danielle Brisebois as Stephanie Mills
Billy Halop as Burt Munson
Brendon T. Dillon as Tom Kelsey  
Bob Hastings as Tom Kelsey


Original Air Date:
September 23, 1979 to April 4, 1983
Network: CBS Sitcom

Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker
Danielle Brisebois as Stephanie Mills
Anne Meara as Veronica Rooney 
Martin Balsam as Murray Klein 
Abraham Alvarez as Jose
Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker 
Barbara Meek as Ellen Canby 
Denise Miller as Billie Bunker 
Barry Gordon as Gary Rabinowitz 
Bill Quinn as Mr. Van Ranseleer
Jason Wingreen as Harry Snowden
Joe Rosario as Raoul     

The series revolved around the life of Archie Bunker who
resided at 704 Houser Street in the Corona section of
Queens, New York. Archie was an uneducated, prejudiced,
arch-conservative, working-class Joe with a blatantly
outspoken opinion on everything. Completing the Bunker
household was Archie's slow-witted but honest wife Edith,
who he referred to as "The Dingbat", his grown daughter
Gloria, and his unemployed, ultra-liberal, Polish
son-in-law, Mike Stivic, who he nicknamed
"The Meathead" (dead from the neck up).

Archie was constantly lambasting virtually every minority
group in existence. His views on blacks 
, Puerto Ricans
, Chinese , and any other racial or
religious group not his own, were clear and consistent.
Archie believed in every negative racial and
ethnic stereotype he had ever heard.

Unfortunately, Archie could never get away from the
people he dispised. Archie was a dock foreman for the
Prendergast Tool and Die Company, and he had to work
with a racially mixed group of people. Next door to his
small house lived a black family, the Jeffersons.
Louise Jefferson was one of Edith's closest friends, her
husband George ran a small dry-cleaning store, and their
son Lionel was a close friend of Mike's. Lionel loved to
come to the Bunker house to tease Archie about his
prejudices, while George's brother Henry, who was as
opinionated from the black point of view as Archie was
from the white, also provided conflict.

The Jeffersons moved to Manhattan and into their own
show in 1975, whereupon Mike, who had finally graduated
from college, moved into their old house. Then Gloria
became pregnant; the baby, Joey, was born in December 1975.
The Lorenzos, an Italian couple, moved in as neighbors for
a while. Frank Lorenzo loved to clean and cook while his
wife Irene was an accomplished fixer of anything mechanical.

In 1977 Archie quit his job and along with Harry the
bartender, purchased Kelsey's Bar. In 1978 Mike, Gloria,
and little Joey moved to California and thus left the series.
Archie and Edith were then joined by little Stephanie Mills,
a niece who had been abandoned by her father. In 1979 the
focus of the series switched to Archie's bar and Edith was
seen only infrequently. New characters were added to the
bar and Archie took on a new Jewish partner named
Murray Klein, and the name of the series was
changed to Archie Bunker's Place.

Edith died of a stoke in 1980. Life went on,
however, and Archie hired a black housekeeper,
Ellen Canby, to help care for Stephanie. In 1981 partner
Murray left the series and Archie got much needed
financial help from lawyer/business manager Gary
Rabinowitz. Gary's involvement was more than strictly
business, he was dating Archie's 18-year-old niece,
Billie, who had arrived at the start of the season. All
in the Family changed the course of television comedy.
It brought a sense of harsh reality which
had not been seen before.     

All In The Family episodes List:

Season One 

1- Meet The Bunkers
2- Writing The President
3- Oh, My Aching Back
4- Archie Gives Blood
5- Judging Books By Covers
6- Gloria's Pregnancy
7- Mike's Hippie Friends Come To Visit
8- Lionel Moves Into The Neighborhood
9- Edith Has Jury Duty
10- Archie Is Worried About His Job
11- Gloria Discovers Women's Lib
12- Success Story
13- The First And Last Supper

Season Two 

14- The Saga Of Cousin Oscar
15- Gloria Poses In The Nude
16- Archie And The Lock-Up
17- Edith Writes A Song
18- Flashback: Mike Meets Archie
19- The Election Story
20- Edith's Accident
21- The Blockbuster
22- Mike's Problem
23- The Insurance Is Canceled
24- The Man In The Street
25- Cousin Maude's Visit
26- Christmas Day At The Bunkers
27- The Elevator Story
28- Edith's Problem
29- Archie And The FBI
30- Mike's Mysterious Son
31- Archie Sees A Mugging
32- Archie And Edith Alone
33- Edith Gets A Mink
34- Sammy's Visit
35- Edith, The Judge
36- Archie Is Jealous
37- Maude

Season Three 

38- Archie And The Editorial
39- Archie's Fraud
40- The Threat
41- Gloria And The Riddle
42- Lionel Steps Out
43- Edith Flips Her Wig
44- The Bunkers And The Swingers
45- Mike Comes Into Money
46- Mike And Gloria's Wedding, Part I
47- Mike And Gloria's Wedding, Part II
48- The Locket
49- Mike's Appendix
50- Edith's Winning Ticket
51- Archie And The Bowling Team
52- Archie Goes To The Hospital
53- Oh Say Can You See
54- Archie Goes Too Far
55- Class Reunion
56- Hot Watch
57- Archie Is Branded
58- Everybody Tells The Truth
59- Archie Learns His Lesson
60- Gloria, The Victim
61- The Battle Of The Month

Season Four 

62- We're Having A Heat Wave
63- We're Still Having A Heat Wave
64- Edith Finds An Old Man
65- Archie And The Kiss
66- Archie The Gambler
67- Henry's Farewell
68 - Archie And The Computer
69- The Games Bunkers Play
70- Edith's Conversion
71- Archie In The Cellar
72- Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Wig
73- Second Honeymoon
74- The Taxi Caper
75- Archie Is Cursed
76- Edith's Christmas Story
77- Mike And Gloria Mix It Up
78- Archie Feels Left Out
79- Et Tu, Archie?
80- Gloria's Boyfriend
81- Lionel's Engagement
82- Archie Eats And Runs
83- Gloria Sings The Blues
84- Pay The Twenty Dollars
85- Mike's Graduation

Season Five 

86- The Bunkers And Inflation, Part I
87- The Bunkers And Inflation, Part II
88- The Bunkers And Inflation, Part III
89- The Bunkers And Inflation, Part IV
90- Lionel, The Live-In
91- Archie's Helping Hand
92- Gloria's Shock
93- Where's Archie?, Part I
94- Where's Archie?, Part II
95- The Longest Kiss
96- Archie And The Miracle
97- George And Archie Make A Deal
98- Archie's Contract
99- Mike's Friend
100/101- The Best Of All In The Family (1 Hour)
102- Prisoner In The House
103- The Jeffersons Move Up
104- All's Fair
105- Amelia's Divorce
106- Everybody Does It
107- Archie And The Quiz
108- Edith's Friend
109- No Smoking
110- Mike Makes His Move

Season Six 

111- The Very Moving Day
112- Alone At Last
113- Archie, The Donor
114- Archie, The Hero
115- Mike's Pains
116- Chain Letter
117- Mike Faces Life
118- Edith Breaks Out
119- Grandpa Blues
120- Gloria Suspects Mike
121- The Little Atheist
122- Archie's Civil Rights
123- Gloria Is Nervous
124- Birth Of The Baby, Part I
125- Birth Of The Baby, Part II
126- New Year's Wedding
127- Archie, The Babysitter
128- Archie Finds A Friend
129- Mike's Move
130- Archie's Weighty Problem
131- Love By Appointment
132- Joey's Baptism
133- Gloria And Mike's Houseguest
134- Edith's Night Out

Season Seven 

135- Archie's Brief Encounter, Part I
136- Archie's Brief Encounter, Part II
137- Archie's Brief Encounter, Part III
138- The Unemployment Story, Part I
139- The Unemployment Story, Part II
140- Archie's Operation, Part I
141- Archie's Operation, Part II
142- Beverly Rides Again
143- Teresa Moves In
144- Mike And Gloria's Will
145- Mr. Edith Bunker
146- Archie's Secret Passion
147- The Baby Contest
148- Gloria's False Alarm
149- The Draft Dodger
150- The Boarder Patrol 
151- Archie's Chair
152- Mike Goes Skiing 
153- Stretch Cunningham, Good-Bye 
154- The Joys Of Sex
155- Mike, The Pacifist
156- Fire
157- Mike And Gloria Split
158- Archie, The Liberal
159- Archie's Dog Day Afternoon

Season Eight 

160- Archie Gets The Business, Part I
161- Archie Gets The Business, Part II
162- Cousin Liz
163- Edith's Fiftieth Birthday, Part I
164- Edith's Fiftieth Birthday, Part II
165- Unequal Partners
166- Archie's Grand Opening
167- Archie's Bitter Pill, Part I
168- Archie's Bitter Pill, Part II
169- Archie and the KKK, Part I
170- Archie and the KKK, Part II
171- Mike And Gloria Meet
172- Edith's Crisis of Faith, Part I
173- Edith's Crisis of Faith , Part II
174- The Commercial
175- Archie And The Super Bowl
176- Aunt Lola's Visit
177- Love Comes To The Butcher
178- Two's A Crowd
179- Stale Mates
180- The Brother
181- Mike's New Job
182- The Dinner Guest
183- The Stivics Go West

Season Nine 

184- Little Miss Bunker
185- End In Sight
186- Reunion On Hauser Street
187- What'll We Do With Stephanie?
188- Edith's Final Respects
189- Weekend In The Country
190- Archie's Other Wife
191- Edith Vs. The Bank
192- The Return Of The Waitress
193- Bogus Bills
194- The Bunkers Go West
195- California, Here We Are, Part I
196- California, Here We Are, Part II
197- A Night At The PTA
198- A Girl Like Edith
199- The Appendectomy
200- Stephanie And The Crime Wave
201- Barney, The Gold Digger
202- Stephanie's Conversion
203- Edith Gets Fired
204- The Return Of Archie's Brother
205- The Family Next Door
206- The Return Of Stephanie's Father
207- Too Good Edith 

Archie Bunker's Place episodes List:

Season One

1.  Archie's New Partner (1) 
2.  Archie's New Partner (2)
3.  Edith Gets Hired
4.  Archie and the Oldest Profession 
5.  Edith vs. the Energy Crisis 
6.  Bosom Partners 
7.  Building the Restaurant
8.  The Cook 
9.  Murray and the Liquor Board 
10. Thanksgiving Reunion (1) 
11. Thanksgiving Reunion (2) 
12. Barney and the Hooker 
13. Man of the Year
14. The Shabbat Dinner 
15. Barney's Lawsuit 
16. Blanche and Murray 
17. Murray's Daughter 
18. The Ambush 
19. The Return of Sammy 
20. Archie Fixes Up Fred 
21. Father and Daughter Night 
22. Van Ranseleer's Operation 
23. Veronica's Ex 
24. A Small Mafia Favor 

Season Two 

25. Archie Alone (1) 
26. Archie Alone (2) 
27. Home Again 
28. Hiring the Housekeeper 
29. The Wildcat Strike 
30. Veronica and the Health Inspector 
31. Murray's Wife 
32. The Camping Trip 
33. The Incident 
34. Custody (1) 
35. Custody (2) 
36. Barney the Gambler 
37. Murray Klein's Place 
38. Weekend Away 
39. Stephanie's Science Project 
40. Tough Love 
41. Stephanie's Tryout 
42. The Trashing of the Temple 
43. La Cage aux Bunker 
44. Death of a Saint (1) 
45. Goodbye, Murray (2) 
46. Stephanie's Dance 
47. Norma Rae Bunker 
48. The Photo Contest 

Season Three 

49. Billie 
50. The Business Manager 
51. The Date 
52. Harry's Investment 
53. Three's a Crowd 
54. Blind Man's Bluff 
55. Happy Birthday, Stephanie 
56. Growing Up Is Hard to Do (1) 
57. Growing Up Is Hard to Do (2) 
58. The Night Visitor 
59. Gloria Comes Home (1) 
60. Gloria Comes Home (2) 
61. Reggie-3 Archie-0 
62. Gloria -- the First Day 
63. A Blast from the Past 
64. Sex and the Single Parent 
65. The Second Time Around 
66. Of Mice and Bunker 
67. Relapse 
68. Love Is Hell 
69. Death of a Lodger 
70. Billie Moves Out 
71. West Side Astoria 
72. The Battle of Bunker III 
73. Rabinowitz's Brother 

Season Four 

74. The Eyewitnesses 
75. Archie's Night Out 
76. Gary's Ex 
77. Double Date 
78. Stay Out of My Briefs 
79. From the Waldorf to Astoria 
80. The Promotion 
81. Break a Leg, Stephanie 
82. Archie Gets a Head 
83. Marriage on the Rocks 
84. Barney Gets Laid Off 
85. Teacher's Pet 
86. Father Christmas 
87. Captain Video 
88. Three Women 
89. Relief Bartender 
90. I Can Manage 
91  The Red Herring 
92. The Boys' Night Out 
93. Store Wars 
94. Bunker Madness 
95. No One Said It Was Easy 
96. Small Claims Court 
97. I'm Torn Here 

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