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Mark's Sanford And Son Fan Page

Original Air Date:
January 14, 1972 to September 2, 1977
Network: NBC Sitcom

Fred Sanford: Redd Foxx
Lamont Sanford: Demond Wilson
Aunt Esther Anderson: LaWanda Page
Julio Fuentes: Gregory Sierra 
Bubba Hoover: Don Bexley
Grady Wilson: Whitman Mayo   
Officer "Smitty": Hal Williams 
Officer "Hoppy" Hopkins: Howard Platt 
Rollo Larson: Nathaniel Taylor
Donna Harris: Lynn Hamilton
Uncle Woody Anderson: Raymond Allen  

9114 South Central, Los Angeles, California, the
residence and business of Fred Sanford and his son
Lamont. Fred was a 65-year-old junk dealer whose
34-year-old son, Lamont, was his partner, a situation
that Lamont was not always happy with. At his advanced
age, Fred was very happy with his little business and
the marginal income it provided him. Lamont, on the
other hand, was looking to better himself by getting
out of the junk business and trying something more
challenging and, hopefully, more lucrative. Fred,
whose wife, Elizabeth, had died some years before,
would do anything to keep his son from deserting him
and the business. Every time Lamont threatened to
leave, Fred would fake a heart attack and start
moaning, "I'm coming, Elizabeth, I'm coming." Lamont
wasn't really fooled by his father's machinations
but he did love him and, despite what he said about
his future, really wouldn't have left the old man.
Sanford and Son was based on the successful British
TV comedy, Steptoe and Son. Fred had a steady
girlfriend in Nurse Donna Harris, whom he was always
promising to marry, and was constantly at odds with
Aunt Esther, his late wife's sister.

In 1977 NBC's highly succssful comedy Sanford and
Son lost both of its stars, Redd Foxx to a variety series
on ABC, and Demond Wilson due to salary demands.
With most of the supporting actors around, however, The
Sanford Arms took its place. The attempt to salvage
the series was a total failure and it lasted less
than a month. The Redd Foxx variety series didn't
fair much better, lasting only four months. In 1980
Redd Foxx revived the saga of the cantankerous junk
dealer, in a series called Sanford. Fred was still
running the watts junkyard, but since Lamont was
away working on the Alaskan pipeline, he had two
new partners, both friends of Lamont. Rollo was a
holdover from the original series, and Cal was an
obese white Southerner who invested $2000 to become
part owner of "The Sanford Empire." Fred also had
an unlikely new girlfriend in Eve Lewis, a wealthy
Beverly Hills widow. Sanford passed quickly from
view after three short runs on NBC.

Sanford And Son episodes List:

Season One 

1- Crossed Swords
2- Happy Birthday, Pop
3- Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride
4- The Copper Caper
5- A Matter of Life and Breath
6- We Were Robbed
7- A Pad for Lamont
8- The Great Sanford Siege
9- Coffins for Sale
10- The Barracuda
11- TV or Not TV
12- The Suitacase Case
13- The Return of the Barracuda
14- The Piano Movers

Season Two 

15- The Light Housekeeper
16- Blood is Thicker than Junk
17- By the Numbers
18- The Card Sharps
19- Whiplash
20- Have Gun, Will Sell
21- The Dowry
22- Jealousy
23- Tooth or Consequences
24- The Shootout
25- The Puerto Ricans are Coming!
26- A Visit from Lena Horne
27- Sanford and Son and Sister Makes Three
28- Fred & Carol & Fred & Donna
29- A Guest in the Yard
30- The Big Party
31- Lamont goes African
32- Watts Side Story
33- Pops n' Pals
34- The Infernal Triangle
35- Home Sweet Home for the Aged
36- Pot Luck
37- The Kid
38- Rated X

Season Three 

39- Lamont, is that you?
40- Lamont as Othello
41- This Little TV Went to Market
42- Presenting The Three Degrees
43- Libra Rising All Over Lamont
44- Fred, the Reluctant Fingerman
45- Fuentes, Fuentes, Sanford and Chico
46- A House is not a Poolroom
47- The Chameleon
48- Superflyer
49- "The Member of the Wedding/The Engagement"
50- Grady, The Star Boarder
51- Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe
52- Leaving the Nest
53- Fred Sanford, Legal Eagle
54- This land is whose Land?
55- Fred's Cheating Heart
56- The Party Crasher
57- Charley's Tea
58- Will the Real Fred Sanford Please do Something
59- Tyranny, Thy name is Grady
60- Aunt Esther and Uncle Woodrow Pfftt...
61- The way to Lamont's Heart
62- Hello, Cousin Emma ...Goodbye, Cousin Emma

Season Four 

63- Fred's Treasure Garden
64- Once a Thief
65- A Little Extra Security
66- There'll be Some Changes Made
67- Going out of Business
68- Ol' Brown Eyes
69- Matchmaker, Matchmaker
70- Grady and his Lady
71- The Surprise Party
72- First Night Out
73- Home Sweet Home
74- "Sanford & Niece"
75- Strange Bedfellows
76- Julio and Sister and Nephew
77- The Merger
78- Tower Power
79- My Brother-in-Law's Keeper
80- The Masquerade Party
81- Golden Boy
82- The Stand-In
83- The Headache
84- The Older Woman
85- The Stung
86- The Family Man

Season Five 

87- The Over the Hill Gag
88- The Oddfather
89- Donna Pops the Question
90- The Olympics
91- Divorcee, Sanford Style
92- Bank on This
93- The TV Addict
94- The Sanford Arms
95- Earthquake II
96- Brother, Can You Spare an Act
97- Steinberg and Son
98- My Fair Esther
99- Greatest Show in Watts
100- Della, Della, Della
101- Can You Chop This?
102- Sanford and Rising Son
103- Fred Sanford has a Baby
104- Ebenezer Sanford
105- Lamont in Love
106- The Escorts
107- The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice
108- A Pain in the Neck
109- Camping Trip
110- The Director
111- Sergeant Gork

Season Six 

112- Fred's Extra Job
113- I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz
114- The Winning Ticket
115- The Hawaiian Connection, Part I
116- The Hawaiian Connection, Part II
117- The Stakeout
118- California Crude
119- Committee Man
120- Aunt Esther has a Baby
121- Aunt Esther meets her Son
122- Sanford and Gong
123- Fred meets Redd
124- Carol
125- Here Today, Gone Today
126- Chinese Torture/The Defiant One
127- A Matter of Silence
128- When John Comes Marching Home
129- The Reverend Sanford
130- The Will
131- Fred the Activist
132- The Lucky Streak
133- Funny, You Don't Look It
134- Fred Sings the Blues
135- School Daze

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