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Mark's The Honeymooners Fan Page


Original Air Date:
October 5, 1951 to June 1, 1957
Network: CBS Sitcom

Ralph Kramden: Jackie Gleason
Alice Kramden: Audrey Meadows
Ed Norton: Art Carney
Trixie Norton: Joyce Randolph
Mrs. Manicotti: Zamah Cunningham
Freddie Muller/Various characters: George Petrie

328 Chauncey Street, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn,
New York, the apartment residences of the Kramdens
and the Nortons, people, fifteen years after the
Depression still struggling to make ends meet. Ralph
Kramden and Alice Gibson married following his
acquiring employment as a bus driver with the Gotham
Bus Company. Ed Norton, a sewer worker, and his wife,
Trixie, live above the Kramdens. Stories depict the
sincere attempts of two men to better their lives
and the ensuing frustrations when their schemes
to strike it rich inevitably backfire.

The Honeymooners was originally a sketch created by Jackie Gleason for Cavalcade of Stars, a popular variety show on the small, now defunct DuMont television station. The Honeymoners dabuted on Cavalcade of Stars on October 5, 1951. In 1953 CBS gave Gleason his own show. Jackie Gleason left Cavalcade of Stars to host his own variety show, "The Jackie Gleason Show". In which Gleason continued to show sketches of The honeymooners on his new variety show. In 1955 The honeymooners became a series of it's own, CBS called for 39 episode to be filmed."1955-1956". The Honeymooners series ran for only one season as Gleason disliked the series an later returned to his variety show. After returning to his variety show "The Jackie Gleason Show". Jackie once returning to his variety show continued to show  sketches of The honeymooners till "The Jackie Gleason show ended it's run on television years later.

The HoneyMooners episodes List:

Cavalcade of Stars (DuMont) 
Season One 1951-52    
Sketch 1 10/5/51 
Various Sketches 1951-52  

The Jackie Gleason Show (CBS) 
Season Two 1952-53    
The Turkey 
Lost Baby 
Quiz Show 
Question Mark 
The Cold 
Missing Pants 
Honeymooners' Christmas Party 
Alice Plays Cupid 
Lost Job 
Anniversary Gift 
Income Tax 
Alice's Aunt Ethel 
What's Her Name? 
Easter Hats 
Hot Tips 
Norton Moves In 
Ralph's Diet 
Dinner Guest 
Manager of the Baseball Team 
Alice's Birthday 
The Prowler 
Guest Speaker 
Vacation at Fred's Landing 
Glow Worm Cleaning  

The Jackie Gleason Show 
Season Three 1953-54

Lucky Number 
Hot Dog Stand 
Two Tickets to the Fight 
Halloween Party 
Champaign and Caviar 
Letter to the Boss 
Finger Man 
Santa and the Bookies 
Honeymooners' Christmas Party 
New Year's Eve Party 
This is Your Life 
Cottage for Sale 
The Futune Teller 
The Next Champ 
Stand in for Murder 
Move Uptown 
The Man in the Blue Suit 
Hair-Raising Tale 
What's the Name 
Boxtop Kid 
Two Men on a Horse 
Good-bye Aunt Ethel 
Vacation at Fred's Landing  

The Jackie Gleason Show 
Season Four 1954-55    

Ralph's Sweet Tooth 
Game Called on Account of Marriage 
The People's Choice 
Halloween Party for the Boss 
Battle of the Sexes 
Teamwork Beat the Clock 
Kramden vs. Norton 
A Promotion 
The Hypnotist 
A Little Man Who Wasn't There 
The Great Jewel Robbery 
The Adoption 
Stars over Flatbush 
One Big Happy Family 
A Weighty Problem 
Principle of the Thing 
Songs and Witty Sayings 
Boys and Girls Together  

The Honeymooners "The Classic 39" 
Season Five 1955-1956   
TV or Not TV 
Funny Money 
The Golfer 
A Woman's Work is Never Done 
A Matter of Life and Death 
The Sleepwalker 
Better Living Through TV 
Pal O'Mine 
Brother Ralph 
Hello, Mom 
The Deciding Vote 
Something Fishy 
'Twas the Night Before Christmas 
The Man from Space 
A Matter of Record 
Oh My Aching Back 
The Baby-sitter 
The $99,000 Answer 
Ralph Kramden, Inc. 
Young at Heart 
A Dog's Life 
Here Comes the Bride 
Mama Loves Mambo 
Please Leave the Premises 
Pardon My Glove 
Young Man with a Horn 
Head of the House 
The Worry Wart 
The Loudspeaker 
On Stage 
Opportunity Knocks But 
Unconventional Behavior 
The Safety Award 
Mind Your Own Business 
Alice and the Blonde 
The Bensonhurst Bomber 
Dial J for Janitor 
A Man's Pride  

The Jackie Gleason Show 
Season Six 1956-57    
Double Anniversary Party 
Check Up 
Forgot to Register 
Expectant Father 
Good Night Sweet Prince 
Two-Family Car 
Love Letter 
Finders Keepers 
Catch a Star 
My Fair Landlord 
Manager of the Baseball Team  


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